Wetsus, Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology

Wetsus, collaborates with 14 EU knowledge institutes and 80 world wide companies.
Wetsus acts as Technological Top Institute for Water technology. Multidisciplinary research is performed by 50 PhD students which are mostly located in the Wetsus laboratories in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. These researchers from around the world are scientifically supervised by scientific chairs around Europe. Wetsus’ scientific research program is defined by the private and public water sector and conducted by leading universities. Wetsus has been studying ways to harvest energy from salt and fresh water for 5 years, which means they are amongst the first in this relatively new topic. Several research papers have been published in renowned international journals of which Post et al. 2008 was awarded the best paper in Environmental Science and Technology in 2008. Eight patents have been filled regarding new developments in the field of energy generation from salt and fresh water. Six PhD student have started in the field of salt gradient energy. Two have defended successfully in 2009 (at Wageningen university and the university of Twente), of which one defended cum laude.


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