Universidad de Granada (UGR)

The University of Granada is one of the leading Academic Institutions of Spain, considering the number of students, the amount of research grants, the number of research fellows, the number of publications, etc. Its facilities are modern and well equipped, particularly concerning the administrative assistance, and, very important, the Scientific Instruments Centre, a centralized laboratory for large equipment use, with well trained operators.
The group participating in the Consortium is the “Physics of Interfaces and Colloidal Systems group”, integrated in the Department of Applied Physics of the University. It staff includes 2 full professors, two associate professors, two post-doc Ramón y Cajal fellows, and five Ph.D. students. The Department leads the scientific production of the University, and the group is the second most productive of the Department, with three research projects (two from the Government of Andalussia, one from the Spanish Government) and a COST Action now running. The overall yearly budget of the group is about 100 000 €. The areas of expertise of the group include: electrokinetics of dispersed systems; dielectric relaxation in suspensions; magnetorheology and electrorheology; physics of suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles; magnetic drug vehicles.


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