REDstack BV

REDstack is a Dutch spin-off company from WETSUS (the Netherlands) founded in 2005. Our mission is to develop and commercialise reverse electro-dialysis (RED) and related technologies. The shareholders of REDstack B.V. are affiliated with Hubert Stavoren B.V., Landustrie Sneek B.V. and MAGNETO special anodes B.V. The RED-technology was studied on lab scale and currently we are testing our pilot at a salt-mine in the Netherlands. Our goal is to have a 50 kW river/sea water pilot by the end of 2010.
We collaborate intensively with many universities, research institutes and companies. We obtained several grants from the Dutch government, which enabled us to do research and develop RED-technology. We have expertise in the fields of stack design & manufacturing, electrodes and membrane design. At this moment we hold 6 patents and we expect to have at least 8 patents by the end of 2010.


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