Politechnika Wroclawska (WUT)

Wroclaw University of Technology has been functioning under the current name since 1945. Today, it belongs to the best technical universities in Poland – over 32 000 students study here under the guidance of 2 000 academic teachers, at the 12 faculties. The Faculty of Chemistry is the largest chemistry faculty in Poland, with 3000 students and 200 academics Department of Polymer and Carbon Materials (DPCM), the partner in this project, was formed in 2001. The staff of DPCM consists of 3 full professors, 2 associate professors, 9 assistant professors and 4 assistants. In the field of polymer science, the area of DPCM expertise is: materials for specialty separating bodies - membranes and adsorbents, synthesis of new and modification of existing polymers. In the field of carbon, DPCM specializes in the use of carbon for: fuel cells and capacitors, storage of methane and hydrogen, preparation of nanocatalysts and/or adsorbents. The financial record of DPCM contains 24 national projects granted by Polish Ministry of Science, 12 international projects and 4 bilateral projects on cooperation in science and technology (South Africa, Spain, Belgium).


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